James Young

Jim is an Award winning industrial designer with over 15 years experience designing consumer products and equipment.  Jim loves making things. Design is not only his livelihood, it is also his passion, and hobby.

From his offices outside Seattle, Jim and team have served a variety of clients large and small for ten years. His broad range of talents touch all aspects of product design from initial concepts and project framing through engineering, manufacturing, and marketing.  Jim enjoys seeing the whole experience come together at every touch point, always focused on user-centered design principles.  

Jim's diverse visual design style is rooted in classic form building and tempered with a keen eye for proportion, detail, materials, craft, and simplicity.  His favorite quote about design seems fitting, coming from a fellow musician:

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” – Charles Mingus
— Charles Mingus

In 2011 Jim launched two Kickstarter projects to fuel his entrepreneurial spirit and "poke the box". His first launch, an iPad stand named PadPivot, was a phenomenal success raising nearly $200k on Kickstarter and then making its way to Best Buy as a Rocketfish licensed product.  Jim's second Kickstarter, CableKeeps, helped launch his own company, Nice, Inc. which sells mobile accessories to design-centric stores like the NY MOMA, A+R, Fab.com, and The Container Store to name a few. To date Nice has generated over $1.5 million in sales.  Not bad for a locally produced product managed by a small staff.  

Prior to striking out on his own, Jim served as Design Manager for Slam Brands, Design Director for SaneWave, and was a Senior Industrial Designer at Walter Dorwin Teague Associates and Mackie Designs.  At Synsor and Two Downtown Jim designed exhibits and branded interiors for premiere companies like AT&T, REI, Carnival Cruise Lines, Starbucks, Physio-Control, and more.

Nothing brings me more joy than making. I come alive when there is a problem to solve, or a process to improve. My innate curiosity for how humans do things coupled with my deep empathy for users is what has always driven me. I always want to discover the best solution for the task.
— Jim Young

Jim is an active cyclist, swimmer, and runner.  When he's not working he's either on an adventure with his family, tinkering in the shop, or volunteering his time in the community.  

Don't be afraid to ask him about Electric Cars, the Internet of Things, Startup Weekend, Seahawks, or Residential Solar, just a few of his other passions.