Website and Catalogue

Nice Inc.'s emphasis on fun and delight is featured in its welcome page.  The top navigation bar and header are all business and remain static from page to page.  Below, the user is greeted by a variety of colorful and interesting images, juxtaposed to grab attention and display the fun and whimsy of their product solutions and current offerings. 


Packaging and Identity

Our packaging design work for Nice was all about carrying through with consistent details and building off of several key typographic and image style formats.  A unifying blue bar at the bottom of each package provided an interesting texture that brought out delight and fun in an otherwise simple layout.  

Our identity package features the company logo on the same blue background, this time with a more universal texture emphasizing our work with mobile accessories.  Clean typography and spacing allows the company logo to stand apart from the other elements and remain featured as the most important design element.